Smug CNN host Wolf Blitzer came completely unhinged on Friday as he harassed Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, for releasing the much-anticipated FISA memo and doing so not at the same time as the Democratic Party minority memo, so that a side-by-side comparison could be made.

Breitbart reported that Blitzer accused Stewart and the rest of the Republican Party of allowing Russian President Vladimir Putin to succeed given the member created doubt in U.S. government agencies.

“If you’re so confident, congressman, why didn’t you release the Democratic minority report, the 10 pages that they wrote rebutting many of the points you’re making right now?” Blitzer asked Stewart. “Why not release them simultaneously?”

Stewart explained that the contents of the memo were too important and had too great an impact on the broader probe into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia for it not to be released immediately, but Blitzer was still not satisfied with this.

“Because the contents of the memo, congressman, the contents of the memo are being seen as political,” Blitzer said. “So this has seen by at least a big chunk of the American public, congressman, as being a politicized moment in American history, which you could have avoided by simply releasing both memos at the same time, which has always been the case.”

“So, Putin has succeeded because that’s what’s happening right now,” he said. “The whole nature of the support for the intelligence community, the law enforcement community, the fighting that’s going on here in Washington, he’s sitting back and he’s smiling, saying, guys, good work. We succeeded.”

Twitter users, however, weren’t having any of it:

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